St. Mark's United Methodist Church | 3359 Louisville Rd. Louisville, TN 37777 | Phone: 865.977. 6128 | Fax: 865.977.6154  Welcome to St. Mark’s United Methodist Church! St. Mark’s UMC seeks to make places for people to encounter the living Christ. It is our desire to become disciples and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Through worship, study, and service, we honor the risen One. You are invited to be part of what God is doing at St. Mark’s. There are many opportunities to serve and grow in the faith with new ministries to be emerging in days ahead. There is a place here for you waiting to be discovered. We the church family, await with excitement, your arrival.

TRANSFORMED...There once was a man who had lived a wretched life. His business failed, his wife left him, his siblings avoided him. It was a sad situation. Finally, he secured a job which did not pay a lot but allowed him to live. On this job, he met a man who was different from the others. He did not tell dirty stories, nor enter in the critique of work procedures nor the employer. One day this man, new to the job, asked the different guy if they could talk at lunch break. They did, and the man explained to him how his life had been changed completely by his relationship with Jesus Christ. He had been a failure himself. He had indulged in alcohol, drugs, sex and almost lost his wife. He stated when he was intro- duced to Jesus Christ, his whole life changed. He apologized to his wife, she forgave him, and they began anew. The newly hired man was stunned. He had attended church and heard about Christ as a boy, but walked away from it for a more interesting life. He began to meet with this Christian friend each week and a transformation began in him. He finally embraced Christ in faith and everything changed. No, everything did not automatically fall into place. But he was transformed, and his life bore witness to the power Jesus has and how he can help anyone overcome anything. So, let us not be overly concerned about being “different.” It could be our different perspective, one which relies on Christ in our lives, which catches the attention of others, so that they too might become transformed.



Pastor Curt

"This Week at St. Mark's"



9:30 am - Sunday School

10:45 am - Blended Worship Service and Children's Church

The nursery is open for infants and toddlers.



6:15 - Praise Team Practice



6:00 pm - Youth Group

6:15 pm - Choir practice


Please visit our calendar for a complete list of activities.

 EASTER EGG HUNT Saturday, March 31st 11am Rain or Shine Children 5th grade and younger are invited!