St. Mark's United Methodist Church | 3359 Louisville Rd. Louisville, TN 37777 | Phone: 865.977. 6128 | Fax: 865.977.6154  Welcome to St. Mark’s United Methodist Church! St. Mark’s has as its mission developing Christian disciples who glorify God. We pray that all of the ways we live and work together will strengthen us in our faith and in our witness to the world. Our connections to the St. Mark’s congregation serve to equip us to live our faith in our homes, our schools, and our places of employment. We encourage you to participate in the many opportunities for worship, study, mission outreach, and fellowship that make up our life together as a community of faith. We look forward to helping you find where God is calling you to share in the ministries of the congregation and grow in your Christian walk. At St. Mark’s, you will find all ages serving in ministry and seeking to live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. As a community of faith we strive to pray for each other, share in the joys and concerns of each other, and extend the peace and love of Christ one to another. We hope you will feel welcome at St. Mark’s. We encourage you to explore the possibility of making St. Mark’s your church home.
 From the Pastor THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH…Almost every Sunday we “say” the Apostles’ Creed. The two words I Believe seem simple but are really profound when belief is so strong that our behavior and attitudes are transformed. When we say I BELIEVE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT…do we understand the implications? The Holy Spirit of course came at Pentecost and sparked a revival which spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire and eventually the known world. That was by no means the beginning work of the Holy Spirit. He was involved in creation as Genesis 1 reminds that even in the nothingness, the chaos prior to creation, “the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the deep.” Throughout the Old Testament we read where the Spirit of God was involved in many events. Jesus gave instruction on the Holy Spirit in John 15. He stated; “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” The first thing which I notice in this teaching is “he.” Jesus is giving personhood to the third aspect of the Holy Trinity. Often times we think of the Spirit as It. Yet Jesus recognizes him as part of the persona of God. Next is, “He will guide you into “all” truth.” People look in so many places for the truth. Some look for their own truth as if it can be independent of any absolute truth. Yet the Holy Spirit teaches us all of God’s truth. It then is incumbent on us to either live by that truth or deny it and seek for one we find more palatable. When we say I BELIEVE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT, we are saying we affirm the third person of the Trinity and we seek to be led by him. After all, if the Spirit could be present even before creation occurred, he is certainly present in the chaos of our lives as God seeks to recreate his life in us. Life by the Spirit and learn the truth about Christ, about life, and the marvelous gift that is ours because of Christ. JOYFUL SONG, Pastor Curt

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"This Week at St. Mark's"



9:30 am - Sunday School

10:45 am - Blended Worship Service and Children's Church

The nursery is open for infants and toddlers.



6:15 - Praise Team Practice



4:00pm - His Kids Choir Practice

5:00 pm - Fellowship Meal

6:00 pm - Youth Group

6:15 pm - Choir practice


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